June 30, 2023

The Importance of UX Design in Cannabis Retail Online Ordering


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Why providing a seamless user experience for dispensary customers is key to loyalty, upselling, and no longer competing on price.

In today’s world, where people use digital technology in so many aspects of their lives, the importance of a good user experience (UX) cannot be overstated.

Customers in every industry expect a company’s website or online app to be easy to use, intuitive, and accessible. Cannabis is no exception.

The quality of UX in a cannabis dispensary’s online ordering technology is often the deciding factor in whether users will stick with that dispensary or move on to another retailer. .

In addition, proper analytics within cannabis online ordering technologies provide those dispensaries with a clearer look into new sales opportunities.

Here are five key factors that make for a superior online ordering experience for both cannabis customers and retailers.

  1. Accessibility for All: ADA Compliance

Accessibility is an important aspect of UX that is often overlooked. It’s essential (and legally mandated) to make sure that those with disabilities can use your app. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that all digital content be accessible to people with disabilities, including those who are blind, deaf, or have mobility impairments.

To be compliant, apps must have features such as screen readers and closed captioning. The app should also be designed with large buttons that are strategically placed so customers can easily find them. The text should include fonts that are large and clear enough to read, and the contrast should be high. These design features not only make your app more accessible to people with disabilities but also improve the overall UX for everyone.

  1. Cross-Platform Capabilities: Desktop to Mobile

Users expect apps to be available on all their devices, whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. This means that apps must be designed to work seamlessly across these platforms.

Apps should be able to easily readjust to different screen sizes and orientations. The app should appear and function the same way on a desktop computer as it does on a smartphone. Cross-platform capability is crucial to providing a consistent user experience across all devices and keeping users engaged with the app.

  1. Usability: Making It Easy to Navigate

Usability is another critical aspect of UX. Your cannabis app should be easy to use, intuitive, and require minimal effort to navigate. Users should be able to accomplish their tasks quickly and easily, without needing a tutorial to learn how the app works.

A cannabis online ordering app must be designed with a clean and consistent layout that is easy to follow, and there should be a clear hierarchy of information.

The app should also provide feedback to users, letting them know when their actions have been successful and what they can expect next.

After customers have added a product to their cart, for example, they should be prompted to either continue shopping or check-out. The cart button should also be easy to find, meaning that users shouldn’t have to scroll to access it.

A cannabis online ordering app should also have a minimalist design. Users should be focused on only the most important things so they can quickly get to checkout. Simplicity and speed are key when trying to take customers on an online ordering journey.

For example, when customers open a Mosaic cannabis dispensary app, they’re taken to a sleek homepage where they can view current specials or head straight to the full menu. Information that isn’t important to that immediate goal is not included.

In addition, your technology should be combined into one seamless platform. A dispensary’s online ordering function shouldn’t exist as a “website within a website.” Instead, it should stand on its own with your company-branded logos, colors, fonts, etc., so customers don’t have confusion over which technology they’re using. Having one centralized technology also streamlines the reporting process for any potential customer ordering issues.

  1. Loyalty: Keeping Users Engaged

Loyalty programs for dispensaries are an excellent way to keep cannabis users engaged with your app. They encourage customers to return by rewarding them for their purchases with your dispensary. Loyalty programs for cannabis retailers can take many forms, such as points systems, rewards, or discounts.

Loyalty programs work because they tap into the human desire for recognition and reward. Users want to feel like they’re getting something in return for their loyalty, and a well-designed loyalty program can provide that feeling. Moreover, loyalty programs can help to create a sense of community among app users, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging users to engage with each other.

Once again, it is important that cannabis loyalty programs be integrated in the app. Customers shouldn’t need to move to a different technology to view their points and offers. This will only cause confusion and lead to a drop in engagement. Mosaic app users are provided an easily accessible page dedicated to their points, their unique specials, and how far they are from their next reward–all within the ordering platform.

Building a loyalty program that is easily accessible to customers is also a way for dispensaries to stop competing on price, and instead focus on strengthening their customer relationships.

  1. Data Analytics: The Key to Upselling

Real-time and easily accessible data analytics are what dispensaries use to strengthen those customer relationships.

Within the Mosaic app, retailers can log into a dashboard to see how products are performing, how people are using their loyalty points, as well as identify new ways to offer promotions or packages to cannabis customers.

Dispensaries should be able to use data analytics in online ordering apps to:

  • Identify customer behavior and preferences, such as what products they are interested in and how often they purchase
  • Receive insights into trends and opportunities within their market to provide new product offerings
  • Get a birds-eye view into personalized offers and upselling opportunities with customer segmentation
  • Improve sales and marketing strategies by understanding which promotions are doing well and how they can be replicated with other product categories

Mosaic–Your All-in-One Cannabis Online Ordering Platform

At Mosaic, we are on a mission to help dispensaries get digital right.

Our online ordering platforms and seamless technology integrations work together to improve the cannabis customer journey, boost loyalty, and give retailers the edge they need to compete in this challenging marketplace.

No more technology headaches. No more piecing together your software stack. And most importantly, no longer making your customers’ online ordering experience an afterthought.

Instead, let Mosaic be the driver of better customer service and product insights.

Book a free demo with our team today to learn about how to affordably own your online store with your ordering, your data, your everything–all in one place.

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