August 24, 2023

Next-Level Loyalty: Embrace Mobile Apps to Elevate Your Dispensary Rewards


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Today’s cannabis retail landscape is ever-evolving. 

Chances are, if you are a dispensary owner or operator, you have a diverse client base with different wants and needs as it relates to cannabis consumption. 

While some customers consistently purchase similar products on a regular basis, others may be shopping around to look for “what’s new,” the “highest THC,” or simply the “lowest price.” 

This dynamic leaves dispensaries in a precarious position to cater to both types of customers to stay afloat amid increased competition. 

It also means it’s more important than ever to deeply understand all your customers. While raw sales figures and feedback from budtenders on the sales floor is undoubtedly valuable, leveraging a loyalty program to develop stronger relationships with your customers will help you draw in more customers and keep them around.

To take the sophistication of your loyalty program a step even further, you can integrate it into a branded mobile app, like Mosaic. With your dispensary sitting on the home screen of your customers’ mobile phones, you’ll have direct (and non-spammy) ways to reach them and stay top of mind. 

Here are a few ways dispensaries can leverage loyalty programs driven by mobile to boost sales: 


1. Get Better Visibility 

With traditional rewards programs, customers often have to carry physical loyalty cards or remember their account details. This can be a frustrating experience for a customer at the register. 

A mobile app, however, eliminates these hassles for cannabis dispensaries because customers can track their points at their fingertips with their handheld device. 

Also, every purchase made through a mobile app is automatically recorded, and customers’ rewards points are updated in real-time. 

This effortless and automated process is a major enhancement to the customer experience. 

But it also reduces the administrative burden for the dispensary staff so they can focus on delivering top-notch service to customers. 


2. Redefine Personalization

Until recently, dispensaries haven’t had the sophisticated technologies to customize experiences for their loyal customers. 

A mobile app gets you a much deeper level of data analysis and customer behavior insights to identify each customer’s favorite products, preferred consumption methods, and shopping habits. 

Dispensaries can harness this information for tailored rewards, exclusive discounts, or personalized product recommendations that resonate with an individual’s wants and needs. 

As a result, customers feel valued and understood and develop a deeper sense of loyalty towards the dispensary.


3. Gamification on the Go

Gamification is a proven strategy to increase engagement and motivate customers to actively participate in rewards programs. 

Customers can earn levels for reaching specific milestones, actively track their progress, and unlock higher status levels as they accumulate more points. 

Fun and interactive features tap into customers’ natural desire for achievement. This encourages them to make additional purchases, as well as explore other product offerings.


4. Direct and Timely Communication

Push notifications and in-app messaging within mobile apps allow dispensaries to effortlessly inform customers about the latest promotions, limited-time offers, and upcoming events. 

For instance, if the dispensary is launching a new edibles line or hosting a vendor day, a well-timed push notification can generate excitement and encourage customers to visit the store or, of course, make purchases directly through the app. 

With so many advertising options limited to cannabis dispensaries, this can be an extremely valuable marketing tool. 


5. Continuous Improvement Through Customer Feedback

Listening to customer feedback is vital for the success of any rewards program. 

A mobile app becomes a valuable feedback mechanism for dispensaries to understand customer behavior. 

Dispensaries can then use this feedback to gain insights into the program’s effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and implement changes. 


Mobile apps customized for dispensaries are now possible with Mosaic. 

At Mosaic, we help cannabis retailers finally mirror their high-touch, in-person experience by bringing together fragmented technologies and providing seamless online ordering experiences. 

If you’re interested in learning more with a free demo, schedule time with our team here

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